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Love em?
Or is he full of fail?

Gimme your comments!


Thread-hopping with this character?
Yeah sure, just lemme know what's going on.

Back-tagging with this character?
No problem. If it's a few days old, or even like a week or something, totally fine. We all have lives, so I understand if people can't get to stuff right away. It's cool. But if it's something like... I dunno, a month old? Maybe message me about it first, okie?

Hugging this character?
Sure! Goku's totally friendly, so I doubt he'll mind a friendly hug. Go right ahead! You may wanna let him know if he's crushing your bones though... he may get carried away in the moment.

Giving this character a kiss?
A little kiss on the cheek never hurt anyone. But the man is married, and I don't think anyone would wanna deal with Chichi's rage. Especially Goku, if he can help it.

I have no issues with writing smut. Though I haven't run into any instances where I've had to do so with him... yet. I'm personally open to just about anything, if you got any questions then feel free to ask. BUT, if it belongs in the bathroom... let's keep it there, kthnx.

Yaoi / Het / Yuri ?
Yaoi is love. But this highly depends on the situation and just who all in involved. He's gonna need some serious convincing. Got questions? Then ask.
Het is fine, but do keep in mind the insane wife. If any ladies feel they can handle themselves against Chichi... then sure, come right on over.
Yuri... is impossible. Unless there is some kinda gender swapping going on. Then sure,I guess so.

Hmm, I guess it all kinda depends. He is married after all and Chichi can be a little on the psychotic side. Not to mention, Goku is a fighter, not a lover. So he isn't exactly the romantic type, so that may not work for most people. But friendships and stuff, he's way open to. The man can make friends with just about anyone... though they all usually want to kill him.

Fighting this character?
Punch, kick, claw at, do whatever. Goku is fully capable of taking care of himself. Granted, the man does enjoy fighting, but that's merely for fun. If he can avoid doing so, then he will. You just  better know what the heck it is you're getting yourself into if you ever decide to try and pick a fight with this guy.

Nothing that a senzu bean or an extended stay in the hospital can't fix. Saiyans are insanely resilient, so even if you do manage to beat the ever livin' outta him... he'll only get stronger. So sure, do whatever. You're only digging your own grave. Though it would be nice to lemme know ahead of time.

He's died a couple times already, so what's a few more huh? Though I would like it if you asked me first. I'm all for it if it's to progress the plot and all, so I won't really argue but... the man is fucking ridiculous, so don't expect me to keep killing him off all the time.